School Direct

School Direct (salaried) applications for the places allocated to schools working with eQ are made via the UCAS website, where there is a course profile outlining the nature of each course. Information about each school's SD recruitment should also be available on the school website. Applicants are expected to have worked in a career before starting SD(s). This route is also available on a self-funded basis (ie funded by the school) - these applications are made direct to eQ, not via UCAS site. 

School Direct (tuition fee) places are for applicants who will be students, and charged a tuition fee. eQ is charging £6,000 + VAT + a £2,000 disbursement to be forwarded to the school in which the student is to be based during the training. Students may be able to obtain a student loan of up to £6,000, and may be eligible for a bursary. The DfE website has details.

If you need further information, please contact Dr Vivien Johnston, Programme Director, at the eQ office on 01892 513881, or by email