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Welcome to e-Qualitas

Teacher training: 

  • School Direct (salaried) places, including self-funded SD(s)
  • Tuition-fee places via School Direct and SCITT places
  • Teaching Apprenticeship places
  • Assessment Only route to QTS
For information about the routes to QTS offered by eQ, select 'ITT' from the menu at the top of this page. Enquiries may be made to initialteachertraining@e-qualitas.co.uk
Courses for trainees and in-school trainers are listed on the eQ Events calendar at the top of this page.
eQ VLE for initial teacher training: please note that
  • requests for access to the VLE will be authorised promptly if you are a trainee with eQ, a school-based or lead trainer with eQ, one of our tutors or otherwise linked to the eQ partnership. Other requests will not be authorised. If you believe that your request ought to have been authorised, please email eQ.
  • VLE members who have not accessed the site within the last 6 months will find that their account has been closed, and they will have to re-register. 
  • GDPR: the personal data required to register as a user of the VLE is held securely in the VLE system for as long as the user has authorised access. It is not used for any other purpose, and is not shared with anyone else. To have your details deleted, please use a 'contact' message and eQ will delete your record. This means that your access to the VLE and its training resources is closed.


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